About RockHouse

RockHouse Events is a Charlotte based events and promotions company that specializes in FUN.  Our core belief has always been to put on events that we’d want to personally be at and enjoy.  Over the years we’ve been put on a wide range of events such as bar crawls, music festivals, party buses to events/concerts, tournaments, bar promotions, and much, much more!  We’ve been in business 20 years now, and hope to keep fueling the party scene in Charlotte for years to come!!!

About the Owner

RockHouse Events was founded in the summer of 2004 by Rich Saner.  After graduating  from Elon, Saner moved to Charlotte, NC to pursue a career in advertising and marketing.  He eventually accepted a position selling records management equipment and products with Patterson Business Systems.  After 6 ½ years of getting people excited about file folders and movable shelving, he decided to pursue a career in something he had a true passion for…planning events.  Saner had been throwing parties and events for several years with Elon friend and Charlotte roommate Jeff Bennett.  The “Rich & Bennett” pub crawls began to grow and in the summer of 2004 RDS Events was formed.  The name change from RDS Events to RockHouse Events became official in May of 2006, when Rich realized nobody really cared what his initials were.

About What You Want

Without you, the customer, we’d have a pretty boring time at our events, so ALWAYS looking for feedback. If you ever had any suggestions on how to improve our current events, or some you’d like to see, please email us at info@RockHouseEvents.com.  Your feedback and event participation is the key to our success.  Cheers!!!